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Explore intense pleasure-filled tickling sensations during scenes, power play and intercourse with Luxe Sensual Pinwheel, the perfect sex toy for BDSMers (beginners and experimented).


Run gently or hard (accommodate to your sexual desires) over erogenous zones and boost intense-deep shivers as the spikes grasp over the skin to drive yourself or your lover crazy with pain-pleasure!

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Luxe Sensual Pinwheel sensory play
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Are you always fantasizing about pleasurably-painful or painfully-pleasurable sensations while getting kinky in the bedroom? 


Then BDSM intense sensation play is totally your thing and we’ve got just the right deliciously deviant toy for you. A great addition to any bondage lover's collection. 


Sex play has a lot to do with heightening sensitivity, boosting exploration, excitement and pleasure, and Luxe Sensual Pinwheel does exactly that. By prickling over the skin, this little sensory wheel is designed for the perfect foreplay and to tantalize you and your partner’s senses, making you super sensitive to all sorts of other touch. The pinwheel is designed with 20 radiating sharp spikes evenly placed across a free rolling wheel to ensure that the pressure exerted is uniformly felt and glide over the skin effortlessly. Attached to the wheel is a slim and ergonomic handle, ensuring that the pinwheel comfortably fits in the hand for an ease of movement and control of the intended pain or pleasure. Whether you choose to roll slowly or rapidly, lightly or give a little pressure, you'll have your lover screaming with delight aroused by the tingling sensation on every part of their body!


Suitable for extended and intense sessions, because of their lightweight and easy-to-maneuver design, Luxe Sensual Pinwheels satisfy the desires of those who generally like being on either the giving or receiving end in a BDSM encounter. Perfect for bondage, role playing and dominance/submissive scenarios.


The versatile pinwheel’s sensations range from a gentle tickle to a harder prickle-needling depending how much force you apply, providing a wide spectrum that can accommodate sexual desires of different intensities (different sensations and levels of intensity appeal to different people), yet always boosting erotic intense arousal and stimulation. 

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Revolutionize your solo and partnered sex foreplay game. Permission is given. 


Boost your sexual encounters while also stimulating your mind and body with our handy, spiky, and nasty little fetish device. Luxe Sensual Wartenberg Pinwheels are a real intensifier to any scene and a must-have accessory for all sensation play kits and BDSM tool bags.


Don’t be fooled by its size, material, or affordable price! It is powerful enough to draw out your senses and provide you with a quite intense sensation and a sexual experience like no other.

Luxe pinwheel bondage gear fetish sex toy bdsm


Rolling the pinwheel over your partner's body is enough to send ripples of pleasure throughout their body; however, there are various ways to use a Wartenberg pinwheel and assure some wriggly fun times.


Get ready to eroticize every part of your partner’s body. Don’t be surprised if you find them squealing, shivering, or even screaming once you roll this kinky gear along their skin!


Where to use it


The BDSM Wartenberg Wheel is fantastic used all over the body, but incredible when used on the body’s erogenous zones. Tease by starting from less sensitive parts of the body (like back or shoulders) and then move on to the sensitive areas (places that people don’t normally touch or anywhere where the skin is soft, delicate, and thin). Roll along nipples, neck, thighs, breasts, feet, around the joints including the elbows, wrists, inner arm and behind the knees. You can also try the inner thighs, buttocks (especially after a spanking when nerves are already enlivened), the spinal groove and anywhere else you’d like for a goose-bumpy, ticklish, nerve-awakening sensation. Extra tip: Save the genitals for last, for an explosive finale! 

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Play with pressure and speed. 

There are plenty of ways to use a Wartenberg wheel, but one of the most common involves playing around with increasing and decreasing speed and pressure while rolling the pinwheel with its sharp spikes pressing against the skin and across the body, creating an exhilarating and pleasurable sensation.


For those looking for a soft and pleasurable more “vanilla” experience or a romantic delightful encounter, little to no pressure is required when rolling the wheel against the skin. Lighter and faster movements can feel like dozens of tingly teeth.


If you are looking to add sharp sensations and pain to the session, increase the applied pressure and reduce the speed. This will make the spikes hit the skin almost feeling like a scalpel is rolling over. Careful! Applying too much pressure to delicate areas could be very painful. So, ensure the pain is tolerable to you and your playmate, not excruciating.

Play with temperature.

If you’re a fan of temperature play, you’ll adore this trick – dip the pinwheel in ice cold for a sexy chill or warm water (you can even try freezing it for a while) if you’re in the mood for some heat. When you’re ready, apply the hot or cold metal pinwheel firmly against the skin tracing it in a particular pattern. The combined sensation of the spikes and the intense temperature will drive them absolutely wild. Make sure to test the wheel on your own body before applying it to your lovers to make sure you won’t burn them! 


Play with guessing.

More ways to play could involve blindfolding yourself to enhance sensory experience or blindfold and bondage your partner to later have them guess where you are applying this fetish marvel wheel. Not being able to see will force you to focus on the prickles you feel against your skin, thereby heightening the sensations!


Extra tip: Running two or three across the body at the same time can really step up your touch play and drive yourself wild.

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  • While pinwheels are not typically designed to cut or tear flesh, they may be quite sharp and break the skin if enough pressure is applied.


  • Please sterilize carefully before and after each use. You can easily wash these pinwheels with warm water, antibacterial or fragrance-and-chemical-free soap (or use a disinfectant to clean properly).


  • if you have multiple partners you intend to use the pinwheel with, having one per partner is strongly suggested.


  • Always remember the BDSM rules of Safe-Sane-Consensual, when engaging in any BDSM practice. Please play safely and consensually!

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Luxe Sensual WARTENBERG Pinwheels

Roll the sharp-spiked wheel to  give a thrilling pain-pleasure sensation like you have never known...

but would love to repeat.

rolling wheel with sharped Spikes for thrilling pleasure sensation.

Slim and Ergonomic handle for easy SOLID grip, Control and precision.



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"I'll say I'm not the most experienced BDSM player, but this definetly adds more fun in the bedroom!"

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